“Providing top of the range services that ensure your image is kept at the highest professional standards at all times”

At Comsec we have a flexible service delivery which is key to the success of our partnerships within this sector. The very nature of our service delivery within this sector is recognising that between 15 – 20% of tenants are international organisations/stakeholders operating outside of standard UK business hours, as such we look to tailor and deliver an innovative service model that flexes with tenant needs. Over time we have developed our service delivery model following analysis of various building users, identifying traffic areas and peak times. We then implement processes to deliver optimal support without inhibiting productivity or operations of tenants, all centred around enhancing the guest/visitor experience.

Within our service delivery and our commitment to driving added value we work with each customer to both enhance and test the business continuity plans, building evacuation and personal emergency evacuation plans. We also develop training programmes and regular assessment days to assess the stakeholders response to any potential incident to ensure these plans are effectively followed during an incident or emergency.

From the first impression through to the lasting impression, the moment building guests/visitors enter each of our customers premises, we ensure they are welcomed and supported by our Comsec operatives, all within a safe and secure environment.